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LOVE American Style: Red White and Blue

This patriotic piece is made from cut up, reclaimed Ford f150 hoods. Each of the four pieces has a letter on it in relief, which you can see when you get close to the painting. The stripes and stars are raised. Each piece has one of the four letters making up the word LOVE. The piece can be displayed numerous ways. I designed it to be displayed horizontally, where the O is the blue and white field of stars so the word LOVE is spelled out. However, I also like the painting when displayed as a square and it can be done at least two ways, one of which spells out LOVE (the flag is facing backwards, (as they do on the right side of a plane) or with the blue and white O in the upper right so it appears as a traditional American flag, but does not spell out LOVE. Each of the four pieces is about 27 inches square. When displayed in a square the piece is approx 60'x60' depending on how much white space you put between the four pieces.