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I am mostly known for my pop art photographic images (Wonder Bread, Crayons, Champaign), photos of toy trucks and paintings of hearts and X's and Hearts.  
Clients include Pottery Barn Kids, OOMPH Home, Sarah Bartholomew Design, Holland and MacRae, Pencil and Paper Co., Ecclectic Home, Kimberly Handler Design, LSM Interior Design and more.
I have been taking pictures since I received my first camera  (a Cannon AE-1) as a Christmas present when I was in 6th grade.  The painting came later, when I was a Junior at Baylor University.  (Baylor bought my first painting). 
Lately I have been photographing through the windshield of a moving car in the rain.  The light refracts through the rain drops when the car is moving slowly, and when its moving faster the wind pushes the water up the windshield or holds it there and the images have a very impressionistic feel to them.  This is what I call the "Rain Series".  
I also enjoy photographing people, mostly families and some fashion. There is a link to my portrait photography site below.
When I paint, I primarily paint hearts, and I do so on paper, canvas and steel (mostly reclaimed truck and car hoods from the 60's to the 90's).  I love hearts, they are an elemental shape and connote love in almost every culture.  I am also pinging XOXO were the O's are Hearts.  XOXO means Hugs and Kisses.  I paint hearts overlaying each other in order to show how I see love working in life.  Love follows a general path, but it varies and is messy and happens over alot of time and in multiple experiences and layers.  
When I paint on hoods, I often use text, I like to reclaim the former glory of these physical automobile hoods from junkyards and give them a second life, to redeem them in a sense. Thanks for reading this far, as a reward you get 25% off your next order, use IReadAllTheWay25 at checkout.