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Tomato Red 8x10 paper heart for Pencil and Paper Co

This is the 8x10 Tomato Red heart I painted exclusively for Pencil and Paper Co.  If you are looking at this, you may have bought the January Box and have or will receive a Tomato Red Heart painting in the mail. Or, you did not buy the box but would like to buy the painting now.   And thank you if that is the case.  I painted this heart on 140 pound cold pressed French water color paper.  The color is Tomato Red (Gen's favorite). I painted a set of four of these expressly for Pencil and Paper Co in January 2022.  If you would like to buy the remaining 3, in addition to this one, they are available as a separate product on this site.  The code to get the special deal on those three is P&P300, if you use that at checkout, you will receive $600 off the price and you can buy all three for $300 vs. for $900.  They all come UNFRAMED.  I know they are in frames in this image, but that was for presentation purposes only.  These are signed original unframed paintings. If you would like them framed, I am happy to do that for you, just email me at  Framing starts at $100 depending on what type and color of frame you prefer. I paint in all sizes and colors, if you would like a commission please email me.