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Vintage Red and White Toy Tow Truck On The Right

Toy Trucks.  Is anything more fun?  One Summer I spent two days photographing 30 of these trucks from an antique mall in Nashville.  I have about 500 images of them in over a dozen colors.  I love these trucks.  The images can be printed up to 48x60 (which is massive) and they just look great that big, in fact the bigger the better.  For every truck, I have photos of it facing forward, to the right, to the left, etc. They also look great in groups of 4 or 6 or 8 on a gallery wall. I also have this one in my home.

The smaller prints are on archival photo paper with archival ink.  The larger prints (24x36 and up) are printed on a Lambda digital enlarger and Kodak or Fuji paper creating Silver Halide photographic prints. These are called Chromogenic prints or C-Prints. When there is a matte it is an all-white linen and is acid free. The acrylic/glass in the frame filters out UV so the image will not fade due to UV rays.  

I print and sell the images four ways:  Unframed; Printed on Acrylic; Printed on Aluminum and finally, Fully Framed Prints printed on paper.  For fully framed prints, I offer two options: White Lacquer frames or Silver wood frames.  With both framed options the mattes are 4 inches wide on all sides. The size listed is the IMAGE size, not the framed size.  The frames are between 1-1.5 inches wide, so when you are planning on how large you want the framed piece to be add 2-3 inches to both image measurements for un-matted framed images and 10-12 inches to each side for frames with mattes.  Acrylic pieces are printed on archival paper and mounted behind 1/4-inch acrylic mounted with a z bracket and no frame.  Aluminum pieces are light, beautiful and durable and also have no frame.  Aluminum prints can be mounted outside and withstand all weather conditions for decades without fading.  Email me or call me with any questions: 615-915-9182.