Oil Pastel over sheet metal.  The piece began as a mid '80's Lincoln Town Car (metallic brown).  I rescued the hood from it and used it as the base of this sculpture.  The dimensions are 62 inches wide by 64inches tall by 6 inches deep.  It is surprisingly light, only weighing 30 pounds.  Currently it is unframed, but could be placed in a floater frame if desired.  $18,500

The texture of the piece is a thick oil pastel over a white base that lends a texture to the piece.  you can also see in this image, the contour of the hood.


I painted the edges of the metal so that a frame is not necessary but an option if so desired.

This image shows the upper left hand corner of the sculpture.  The silver curved band at the top is the original band of chrome on the hood where it met the windshield.  It appears white in this photo, but it is chrome and in excellent condition.