It all started by accident...

1988, Martha's Vineyard, misty night, a deer hit my grey BMW 533i.  I limped the car back to Darien where it was fixed within the next few weeks.  When I went to pick it up, I noticed the old damaged hood leaning by a dumpster.  I asked what was going to happen to it and was told I could have it, or it was going to the dump.  I chose to keep it and use it for art.  I had just gone to the Whitney Biennial and was inspired to paint.  Fast forward almost exactly 30 years and I am now realizing an idea that was birthed many years and many miles away.  All the sculptures start out as automobiles.  I love cars, always have, and see them as metaphors for freedom and advancement and personalization and extensions of ourselves.  They helped fuel the growth of America and the world and gave millions the chance to have more independence.  That is changing and now the age of the car as we know it may be coming to an end.  I want to memorialize the car and all it has meant to us in culture by using it in my art and marrying it with themes, colors, quotes, and saying that inspire and challenge us.