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Times Square in the Rain #1

Modern Impressionist Photographs of iconic locations around America. I shoot these scenes through the window of a moving car in the rain. This might be my favorite.  It is Times Square in NYC in the rain.  I have always loved impressionist painting and I wanted to take their ethos and apply it to a modern art form such as photography. The smaller prints are on archival photo paper with archival ink.  For the larger prints (24x36 and up) I use a printing process with a best-of-class Lambda digital enlarger and Kodak or Fuji paper creating Silver Halide photographic prints. This is called Chromogenic printing or C-Prints. The mat's are all white linen and acid free. The acrylic/glass in the frame filters out UV so there will be no fading of the image.  I print and sell the images four ways:  Unframed; On Acrylic; On Aluminum and Framed Prints.  For Framed Prints, I offer two options: White Lacquer frames or Silver wood frames.  The white laquer frame is 1 3/4 inches wide and the silver frame is 1 inch wide and 2.5 inches deep.  In each case, the mats are 4 inches wide on all sides. The size listed is the IMAGE size, not the framed size.  Add 2 to 3.5 inches to both image measurements for un-matted framed images and 10 to 11.5  inches to each for the frame with mat options. .  Acrylic pieces are printed on archival paper and mounted behind 1/4 inch acrylic mounted with a z bracket.  Aluminum pieces are light, beautiful and durable.  They can be mounted outside and withstand all weather conditions for decades without fading.  Email me or call me with any questions: 615 915 9182